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Coffee machine type and principle


The Coffee machine is a general term for brewing coffee machines. The brewed coffee is divided into two types: American and Italian. The American Coffee Machine is simple in structure and easy to operate, and is generally used by families. Today we will take a look at the introduction of the coffee machine principle and the introduction of the coffee machine.

咖啡机原理介绍 咖啡机种类介绍

Coffee machine principle introduction

1, easy to operate, any newbie can easily make a cup of espresso coffee. No need for cumbersome cleaning, make coffee, and recycle the capsule directly.

咖啡机原理介绍 咖啡机种类介绍

2, health and environmental protection, using Italy's most stringent standard process, through the international patented space capsule technology to pack coffee and fill the revolutionary system of nitrogen, overwhelming all current production technology. It can be directly put into the machine without unpacking, and it is easy to recycle after cooking.

3, under the protection of completely sealed nitrogen-filled packaging, can effectively keep the coffee fresh, prevent oxidation, so that the shelf life reaches 2 years.

咖啡机原理介绍 咖啡机种类介绍

4, the quality is stable. Semi-automatic coffee machines are filled with artificial powder every time. Different people have different filling strength. Even if the same person and different time, the filling powder will change, because the human variable causes the coffee quality to be unstable, and the capsule coffee is the same. On the production line, automatic filling can ensure the quality of each cup of coffee is stable.

Coffee machine type introduction

Fully automatic coffee machine

The fully Automatic Coffee Machine is a self-contained coffee machine that eliminates the need for hand-operated coffee. This type of coffee machine can grind, fill coffee and make coffee, and even add hot milk to make milk coffee. Because with the development of the coffee machine market, the so-called "automatic coffee machine" is no longer limited to grinding, filling, powdering, filtering, cleaning a one-button coffee machine, which is developed according to the needs of users. New features such as the adjustment of the thickness of the grind, ESPRESSO and CAPPUCINNO coffee. The structure of the fully automatic coffee machine is more complicated, but it is convenient, fast, consistent in quality, high in efficiency, and has a wide variety, but it requires good maintenance and high maintenance costs.

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